Are Chinese Girls Easy?

I’ve heard this question a couple times. I’ve also heard foreigners both here in Shenzhen and back in Changsha complain about how they thought that China would be the land of a thousand virgins, ripe for the picking.

No, Chinese girls aren’t easy.

If you generally succeeded with women at home, then you will do fine in China. Chinese girls are awesome. They also tend not to be fat. Both great bonuses.

If you are awkward and suck with women in general, you might meet a girl whose English is so bad that she’s not picking up on the verbal signals that flash big red warning lights all pointing at your social awkwardness, your negativity, your boring life, your inexperience, or the many other factors that would scare a girl away. But that won’t last very long – girls aren’t stupid.

I only see two major differences here.

  1. Foreigners are more confident (presumably due to the rumours of easy girls) and actually approach strangers instead of just staring at them and grumbling over beers. They’re also way more direct and straight-forward about what they want. On some level, this is an attractive characteristic. On other levels, it’s taking more shots and getting some odd rebounds. It’s a weird “fake it before you make it” mentality where they’re not even aware they’re faking it, though, and it results in an oily kind of sleaze only apparent to others.
  2. Chinese people (and therefore girls as well) automatically assume that I lead an interesting life. This is nice for me as the great majority of Ottawa girls assumed I was a student or worked a boring go-nowhere government job. Any conversation with an Ottawa girl in a club had a similarly oily layer to it where she would try to avoid talking about my presumably boring life.*

Anyway, I’ll repeat: If you’re socially awkward and incapable of meeting people of the other sex (or whatever sex you prefer), dedicate some time to learning that skill in your own town. Don’t take the false confidence from being in another country as a crutch to meeting girls – it’ll just make you sleazy.

If you suck at your social skills, you will always suck at it. Until you genuinely dedicate some time to fixing the issues.

And Chinese girls aren’t easy.

* I remember one occasion when I was unshaven, unshowered, be-flip-flopped, and wearing a tuque in a semi-trendy Ottawa night club. My friends had lured me in with free beer, coffee and donuts (seriously – and I still remember the coffee and donuts. Best start to a night ever), and I was chatting with a slightly older Ph.D. student from Queen’s. After about an hour she finally told me that she had figured I was lying about my entire life, but I had way too many stories to back it up. At that point I hadn’t even done anything all too exciting with my life (like Rockstar or China), so I was flabbergasted. She was just shocked that I wasn’t a go-nowhere, passionless sheople.

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