Toronto SEO & Digital Marketing Specialist

Lean SEO.

Hello, I’m Troy. I’m a digital marketer specialized in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) and Digital Strategy. I’m the founder of Delta Growth. We can be your one stop shop for managing your website & digital marketing campaigns, or we can work with you on building and implementing an SEO strategy that will drive huge traffic and revenue to your website.

Our services are tailored towards your business, budget and resources. Our aim is to get you exceptional results without the fluff.

Search Engine Optimization

Succeeding at SEO means that your website will be in front of your potential clients right when they need you. I work with you to build or expand your online marketing strategy to take full advantage of this channel. I’ll be there with you for every step, either ensuring your implementation is correct or getting my hands dirty and implementing the solutions myself.

Web Channel Management

I act as your digital marketing manager by working with you to create a targeted strategy across the entire digital marketing channel. Then I recruit highly specialized consultants to implement the strategy. I give you an unbiased analysis of your performance along with Start, Stop, Continue style strategic revisions on a regular basis.

Hourly Consulting Rate

I believe that if you’re easy to work with, your team is efficient, or you have somehow found a way to make my job easier, then you shouldn’t have to pay as much as the other guy to get the same effect.

We can work together to tie your expenses to on an hourly rate and find a perfect balance for any size of business. No inflexible retainers, just one convenient rate.

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