SERPs Google Tag Preview Tool

SERPs Google Tag Preview Tool

There are a couple of tools out there that help you figure out what kind of results your meta tagging strategy is going to have. I use Moz’s title tag tool and once in a while take a look over Yoast’s WordPress SEO plugin’s snippet preview tool.

Unfortunately, I can’t use a tool like Moz’s which isn’t pixel-perfect. Google shows 600 pixels worth of content for the title tag, not a set amount of characters. And I don’t want to log into WordPress and create a new post every time I want to check out my recommendations, so Yoast is out too.

So I put together a quick, pixel-perfect solution. As far as I know, the output of this tool will exactly reflect Google’s output. The only possible issues are:

  1. Your URL has a good chance of being shown in dramatically different ways.
  2. Your Description can be cut off by reviews, mini-sitelinks, or pretty much anything else that Google is experimenting with these days.
  3. In fact, Google has a tendency of completely ignoring your defined meta description, or mingling it with on-page content depending on the query.

So… Basically just the title. The title is perfect.

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