Author name: Troy Fawkes

One of two founders of Delta Growth, a 14-person digital marketing agency, Troy Fawkes’ background in strategy, sales, marketing, management, and education gives him a unique perspective on managing modern leadership challenges.


I have a strange relationship with hangovers. On the one hand, I’m never the guy who texts all of his friends about how much his head hurts the morning after. It’s not a surprise. Your liver can only stand so much of Jack and Morgan. So there’s a specific and well-practiced series of morning-after events …

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English Corner

In seduction, one of the natural stages is called “qualification.” It’s after your original attraction to the other person, where you start to feel that they like you for the right reasons. You need to get through this to start really feeling comfortable with someone. The opposite of properly qualifying is staring at a girl’s …

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Welcome to China

I don’t really sleep on planes. It’s more that I close my eyes and hallucinate for a little while. I guess that’s what sleeping is, really, but at home I generally have fewer dreams of flying merrily through clouds and drooling like a happy puppy. Also, you should all be thanking me: Chinese people now …

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Job Hunting

I remember when I was 16 my dad wanted me to have a steady job. When I went out looking for the job, the advice he gave me was as succinct as it was useless. He said, “just be yourself.” Myself wanted to sit at home and play StarCraft, waiting for a job to come …

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