Add PRESS to WordPRESS … Wait, that’s not catchy…

I usually write these blog posts in Word before putting them up on my blog. I realize that I’m pretty lazy, however, and that if I have to copy it from word and move it over here all of a sudden I’ve lost interest. Now I’m writing directly into WordPress and I find it much, much easier to focus.

You might be thinking, “wow, you’re really lazy.” You might also be thinking, “I don’t actually care, I’m just sitting in my office and I have nothing better to do than read your stupid blog.” I’m OK with both statements. At least you’re reading my stupid blog.

I wonder how I never thought of this before, though – writing in WordPress rather than writing in Word. There’s just five letters difference after all. Beyond that, I’ve been focused on designing, programming, deploying, testing, and optimizing websites for the past couple months. One of the biggest concepts in web design is “don’t make people think.”

I recently decided against buying VPN services from a company because they had a listed price of $6.20, but when I clicked it I didn’t see that specific package. I looked around for about 20 seconds and then decided it wasn’t worth my time. That package might have been on the page somewhere, but I was following a scent and I lost it the moment I clicked through. I also didn’t buy from a company that blocks access to their billing (yes, I got that far) via VPN. China blocks their site without a VPN, so I had no way to pay them. I sent them a short email telling them about it since I’m a nice guy.

You’re asking yourself, “OK, nice little anecdotes, why do I care?” Again, you probably don’t. I just wrote this because I’ve been neglecting you folks for a while and I wanted to see how much writing I could get done in 15 minutes if I didn’t have to use Word.

But if you need something to think about, think about this: What part of your life have you placed artificial barriers on? Where in your “process” do you lose yourself? When dreaming of a vacation, at what stage do you NOT achieve that dream? When wondering about your ideal mate, where do you lose the “scent” – how close is it to the stage of taking action and getting what you want?

Remember: you too can write rambling blog posts with more ease once you remove these barriers.

Enjoy irresponsibly.

PS: The moral of the story is “don’t stand in your own way.” There, it’s concise now. Go do your work :P

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