Couch Surfing

I have some pretty crazy ideas.

For example, there is a website called couch Basically, you register and find someone who is willing to lend you their couch. You could theoretically sleep there for a week or two. Sometimes, all you get is the couch and your host leaves you alone. Other times they go out of their way to show you the city, introduce you to their friends, and take you on wild adventures.

That sounds pretty sweet.

What if, and this is hypothetical, you did all of your work on your computer, and it therefore followed you around everywhere? Like the office is in your back pocket. If you had a very big back pocket. What if you didn’t have a lot of stuff? It basically fit into a backpack. What if you didn’t really need a lot more than a couch? What if you had a way to get from one couch to another and the willpower to make sure you have enough couches to sleep on for a month? Or a year?

Now wouldn’t that be an interesting way to see all of the states?

Just a thought.

Enjoy irresponsibly.

PS: I’m pretty zonked from yesterday and today is a holiday here (Dragon Boat Festival) so I figured I’d just throw up something short. I’ll tell you about yesterday… Tomorrow. :)

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