Creepy Foreigners

Hey folks.

I know I haven’t posted in a while. I got super overwhelmed by short-term business stuff when I accidentally stumbled into starting a niche SEO service. I might mention that later since it’s really cool in a “No one but internet marketers will probably care” kind of way. But it’s neat for me. I keep getting distracted and wandering away from Word so I can work on it. I’ll likely be bringing my posting down to 2-3 per week, so if you’ve been following me by having my blog bookmarked, you might want to hop on the Troy Fawkes Facebook page or add my RSS feed. I might set up email delivery, but it’s kind of a hassle right now seeing as you folks just listen patiently but don’t really make me money. Er, I mean, I love you!

Anyway, this post is kind of about China for once!

I get twitchy around white people.

I live pretty close to a giant mass of them, which makes it worse. I’ll be walking down the street and the hairs on the back of my neck will slowly stand up. I don’t want to look behind me, but with every step I take I feel like a cold, ghostly hand is squeezing my heart. Finally, when I turn around, I catch a glimpse of a white person sneaking off in a different direction. Suspicious, I say.

I think that when I get to a non-Asian country again I’m going to need a couple weeks in a psychiatric ward, preferably all-Chinese.

I’m exaggerating for the most part. But there are way too many creepy guys here.

Here’s a small peak at some of my moral rules. Everyone has good intentions–no one is evil, only lost. They do the best with the tools that they have. They are capable of earning the tools that they need to succeed. So when I look at creepy guys, the only disgust I feel is in the environment that deludes them into thinking that it’s alright to be the way they are.

When you rely on twenty people in a hostile environment to survive, everyone is vetted. If I walked into that tribe and made un-calibrated sexual advances on one of the women, I would be immediately thrown out. And then I’d starve to death, get killed by predators, or at the very least not have children.

If we all lived in a world that vetted us for our every action and characteristic, what would we do differently? Would we lose weight? Eat healthier? Work on our fashion sense? Fight to improve our social or employment position? Select only the best mates? The best friends? Would we vet the people around us, allowing them to choose to improve our lives or to wander off into the dark and scary woods?

Technically I have the tools to help the creepy guys, but they aren’t motivated to improve their social skills in China because of the naive girls who fall for the glamour of a foreign boyfriend.

Oddly, what I’m saying is that I miss the girls in Ottawa who would blatantly ignore me for making the tiniest mistake, the girls in London who would yell “No!” at me before I even got to them, and the beautiful Swedish English teacher who found out about Project Rockstar[1] and decided I wasn’t worth the risk of breaking her heart.

[1] Remember Radical Honesty? Now I tell people about stuff like that if it’s even remotely pertinent. My honesty was vetted, so I was forced to learn a lesson. Now instead of losing wonderful people, they ask me more about my experiences and never have to worry about big scary secrets.

Wow, everything I write turns into an idea post these days.

Enjoy irresponsibly.

PS: Hello to the guys from Vancouver! You’ll have to filter through some of the Day in the Life type posts, but a huge amount of my writing is social skills-related.

PPS: I realize my hosting sucks. It’s the first website I ever purchased hosting for. I have a server in California that I’m hosting all of my (ahem) important stuff on, and I’m looking into renting another server to run services off of, but I haven’t gotten around to moving over. Leave me a comment if you have a lot of trouble getting to the page and I’ll be more motivated to fix it :)

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