Fashion is Communication

While I don’t generally like the idea of feminism (I can’t get behind a movement that often asks society to create or worsen inequality in a way detrimental to others) that doesn’t mean I don’t like feminists. Greta Christina wrote an article titled fashion is a feminist issue and I really like how she phrased her argument.

Basically, as part of her argument she says that fashion is a form of communication. By example she adds that she doesn’t understand people who say (her quote) “I want to be judged on who I am, not on the clothes I wear.” It’s a bit like saying, “I want to be judged on who I am, not on the words that come out of my mouth.”

I’m not too concerned with the fashion idea, but the comparison is intriguing. “I want to be judged on who I am, not on the words that come out of my mouth.” Isn’t it interesting that you’ve most likely never had a class on the words that come out of your mouth? Instead, you’re hung out to dry. You believe that what you’re saying is OK and that other people are all on the same level or that those who are better communicators got there because of good genes or good luck. Or you believe that it doesn’t matter – your skills will get you where you need to go.

Of course, that just means you want to be judged on who you are, not the words that come out of your mouth. That’s not going to happen.

Communication is not what you say, but what people hear. If you’re a great person but you’re bad at communicating, then people will think you’re a bad person. That’s really all I want you to get out of this post. So, think about it: if you could improve your body language, tonality, commonly used expressions, tone, humour, repertoire, fashion, or a million other aspects of communication, you would be in a better, happier place romantically, with your friends and family, and economically.

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