Modern PHP Web Development Set-up, Happy Boxing Day!

Hey folks, I’m working on some web development stuff right now and I realized that my starting project setup is a pretty useful compilation of tools. It keeps being updated, but this is what I’ve been using for a while now.

In summary, this is an assortment of front-end and back-end tools that make building a new application very quick and easy. I didn’t make most of it. I just made sure all of the little pieces connect well.

The one part I’m responsible for is the front controller, which isn’t the most beautiful contraption but it gets the job done and is very flexible for a 150 line class.


  • Sass, a css preprocessor: Makes writing CSS much quicker with zero performance hit
  • Compass, a Sass extension: Extremely useful plugins and added functionality for Sass
  • Twitter Bootstrap, a front-end framework: Makes wireframing a new project beautifully simple
  • Savant3, a PHP Template System: A great way to separate view logic from controller logic
  • My custom front controller: Nice URLs and the final touch for basic MVC functionality

NOTE: You’ll have to install SASS and Compass separately as they’re Ruby gems, but once they’re installed they’re already integrated into this new site setup.

Download here: sass_compass_bootstrap_savant3_customFrontController

These aren’t the same tools as I used for realcompliments, but it will be once I get around to restructuring that application into a stricter OO and MVC (roughly at the same time as I’ll be redoing the design). In the meantime, people have been adding tons of sweet things to say to your girlfriend over the holidays if you’re interested :)

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