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What’s up my peoples.

I’m having Facebook issues, as usual, but I finally have internet again. It’s kind of nice being offline for a while, though I think I would prefer if it were by choice. Some blog posts snuck out while I was offline because I pre-wrote a couple posts and scheduled them in advance, but it’s been about two weeks since I’ve actually had internet.* The time without it was deeply invested in creating content for my newest website, which I’ll reveal when I’ve gotten some of the content edited and thrown onto it. It’s a significantly larger SEO experiment than any of the previous ones.

It’s not about sandwiches, which is a step up for me.

* Not having internet is a bit of an issue when you work online and go back-and-forth with customers daily. Sad customers = sad wallet.

I signed a contract with a university in Changsha to work as an English professor. I had intended on doing that when I was on my way here, so it’s not a huge surprise. The time I spent lollygagging (thank you spell check) around China was fun, but I need some kind of income beyond what the SEO services and extremely part-time English teaching was bringing in. I’m only working about 16 hours/week at the university, so I have lots of time to work on my own projects.

Being back in Changsha makes me feel awesome – Shenzhen just wasn’t my cup of tea. As usual I left behind some cool people, but that seems to be how life goes. I’m spending a lot of time with the cool people I had previously left in Changsha, so maybe that makes up for it.

I’m house-sitting my dad’s apartment while he’s gone. It’s significantly nicer than the old one. People looked at me funny every time I told them I was staying “behind fourth hospital.” Now it’s just “on xin min road, really close to Fifth Tone.”

My website tracking tells me that I’m getting traffic for Are Chinese Girls Easy. I’m kind of amused that people actually Google that. “I wonder if Chinese girls are easy… Google knows!”

Everyone wish my sister a happy third trimester!

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