The Status Quo (And Why We’re Not Trying Hard Enough)

Who is exerting themselves more: a person who runs a hundred miles or a person who drives a hundred miles?

The “Status Quo” is set by society’s perception of what is commonly occurring. It is the status quo that businesses are being run, roads are being built, and people go about their lives. But, 10 years ago it was harder to run a business, harder to build roads, and harder for people to go about their lives. We have all of sorts of tools that allow us to accomplish all of our tasks easier.

The status quo means driving a hundred miles and claiming to have done as much work as those who were forced to run.


I have another week’s worth of totals. I’ll post two, since apparently Google counts weeks starting on Sundays and not Mondays, so last week’s numbers are a bit off and harder to compare. Here are the last two week’s totals.

Week (Jan.1 – Jan.7): Page Views * Click Through Rate * Earning Per Click = Total

3377 * 0.0038 * $0.16 = $2.02

Week (Jan.8 – Jan.14): Page Views * Click Through Rate * Earning Per Click = Total

3665 * 0.0049 *$0.26 = $4.70

WOOOO IT DOUBLED OMG. Seriously though, I’ll never be impressed by AdSense earnings (again*) as they’re negligible. The neat thing is that, since the equation is (what’s the word for this?) full of multiplication signs…. anyway… it means that if one thing doubles, the total doubles.

2 * 2 * 2 = 8

2 * 2 * 4 = 16

Practically, that means that if I get twice as much traffic, the total will double. If I get twice as high of a click through rate, the total will double. If I get twice as much money per click, the price will double. All of those numbers are insanely low right now, but once I start working exclusively on monetization… It’ll be nice :)

* You should have seen me when I made my first penny on AdSense.

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