Those days when you want to take over the world…

A good friend pointed out an amazing opportunity today. Seems something is dying and the people who were responsible for keeping it going can’t be reached despite tons of effort to get in touch. They weren’t really trying too hard anyway, there’ve been problems for over a year and it’s been gradually getting less and less well-maintained. I’m happy and sad about it because I liked the old thing but creating something new means we’ll be able to make it stronger and organize some awesome stuff. It involves doing things that I’m not super knowledgeable about and isn’t something I can (or want to) apply my business knowledge to, but it’ll be a good experience.

Luckily it has built-in benefits for all of the users and for the people we’ll be asking to help out, so it shouldn’t be LOSING me tons of time and money.

I bet you’re really confused as to what I’m up to right now… Well, it’s more exciting than usual :D

  • Step 1, secret monetization and CVR improvements to niche sites. (This week.)
  • Step 2, secret opportunity-seizing with a little help from my friends. (In the next week or so.)
  • Step 3, secret big-step-towards-the-end-goal-project (Might get started this week. Dubious.)

Also, I have four more sites to launch in the next 10 days, so I’ll be doing a bit of work on those. Once they’re launched I don’t think I’ll be launching any new niche sites for a while, unless I’m particularly struck by a good idea.

I’m pretty stoked to start working on other things as well, because then I won’t just be doing “new” projects. I’ll be maintaining and growing old projects while working on new ones. The feeling I’m (backwards-projecting? Feeling in advance?) is that I’ve built something valuable, am satisfied that it exists, and can move onwards knowing it’s safe. So much different from when I did affiliate marketing – I built something, but if I didn’t come into work the next day it’d wither and die (and kill me if I didn’t fix it haha).

Have a sweet day!


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